datolee 800

We want to establish a team-based approach to patient care focusing on comprehensive and compassionate  healthcare. We endeavour to respond with humanity and kindness to all our patients' needs. We strive to deliver innovative and upto-date facilities and services to the public. We aspire to give back to the community, increase corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, and provide quality accessible healthcare at great value to the public.
Our experience as a non-profit organization specialising in charitable health services puts us at the forefront to aid the
B40 community in line with government public health initiatives.


Heartfelt Thanks
YBhg. Dato Lee Tian Hock is well known for his philanthropy and has a keen personal interest in the well-being of the rakyat. In May 2019, Dato Lee graciously pledged to revive Mawar Medical Centre which had ceased operations due to multiple financial and licensing issues.

Recognizing the plight of 300-odd loyal employees of PHM and MMC, he personally contributed RM2 million to alleviate their burdens. Other than this, he also undertook to resolve all existing liabilities.