Operation Theatre

In Mawar we have total of 2 units of Operation Theatre and located at the 3rd Floor. All the rooms are spacious and equipped with all essential modern equipment & general operation.

Operating Theatre is managed by a team of committed and trained staff of mixed disciplines. The operating rooms are properly and expertly designed to ensure cleanliness with complete air-filtering and air-flow system.



Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a 2 bedded unit located at the same floor as the Operating Theatre. The unit is designed to enable all beds to be placed in specific location allowing the nurses at the main counter to strategically view all patients. The nurses in are capable of providing nursing care as required by the condition of the patient. The nurses are well trained mostly in ICU. ICU is at a very strategic location and situated in the heart of MMC where immediate transportation of patient is available from all departments and wards.


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