Patient Guide


Patient Admission Information

Welcome to Mawar Medical Centre and we are here to make your visit to our Wellness Centre as comfortable and safe as possible. We thank you in advance for entrusting us with your healthcare.

During your stay, we will treat you as an individual and take your needs into account regardless of your gender,status,race or age. We embrace a culture of dignity and respect for all patients and staff. 

Staying in a hospital can be stressful for some but at Mawar Medical Centre , we strive to make it as comfortable as possible with compassion,while providing the excellent healthcare you need to heal. 

We also offer diagnostic healthcare facilities  onsite. We provide Resident Medical Officer cover 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our emergency Centre is open 24 hours, 7 days  a week. Our dedicated staff provide patients with the best possible care and service from preadmission to discharge.

Your complete satisfaction is important to us. At Mawar Medical Centre, we put our patients at the center of all our activities.

Admission Guide

What to bring upon admission to ensure a smooth process?

Insurance Identification Card, Medical Card

Personal Identity Card

Guarantee Letter from Company Employer

Any letters from your doctors

X-rays film

Personal items for your comfort, such as toiletries and reading material

Hospital Ward Information

General Information

Visitors are an important part of a patient’s day. However, the welfare of the patient must always come first.

  • Visitors are not permitted to bring alcohol to patients.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the hospital. Hospital Team strictly Enforcing No Smoking Policy throughout hospital
  • Please use the hand gel when entering and leaving the wards.
  • Additional restrictions may be put in place during outbreaks of Infectious  Disease.
  • Please show consideration for all patients by reducing noise level,  respecting privacy and limiting the use of mobile phones.
  • No “Leave” is allowed during the duration that a Patient is admitted.

Discharge Guide

Going Home

When your Doctor notifies you of your discharge, please have someone readily available to take you home.

The discharge process may take a few hours if you have more than one Doctor’s Consultation. It will require an order from each Doctor treating you prior to your discharge.

Before you leave the nurse will  give the instructions for billing and medication.